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When it comes to protecting your stuff and keeping it in excellent condition while in storage, there is only one solution: Climate Controlled Storage Units.

If you’re in the market for climate controlled storage units in Banner Elk, or looking for climate controlled storage units in Mills River, then The Storage Depot has you covered!

What are the Benefits of Climate Controlled Storage?

Regulated Temperature

The mountains for North Carolina, particularly in Banner Elk and Mills River, are known for their full range of seasons. Summers, while short, are hot and humid. Winters see temperatures drop well below freezing with ample snowfall. These fluctuations can harm items in a non-temperature controlled storage unit.

If your storage unit stays too warm, mold and mildew can ruin your items. If the room becomes too cold, electronics are at risk of damage. With a climate controlled self storage unit, your stuff is protected from these harmful elements.

self storage units in Banner Elk, The Storage Depot at The Great Train Robbery in Banner Elk, NC

Keep Pests OUT!

When you rent a storage unit with The Storage Depot, you’ll experience one of the best, most secure, and cleanest indoor storage unit facility in Western North Carolina. Because are facilities are closed off from the outside elements, your items in storage are void from outside pests, or bugs. Our storage facility in Banner Elk, and our storage facility in Mills River, are each cleaned and maintained to ensure these pests stay out, and your stuff is stored in the condition in which your originally placed it.

Safe, Maintained, Humidity Levels

Few elements can harm a storage box, or items in a storage unit, than elevated humidity levels. When you rent a climate controlled storage unit, you can rest easy knowing that our facilities utilize state-of-the-art systems to regulate and control humidity. This allows our storage units to provide additional protection your stuff while stored, ensuring your items are safe, and won’t mold or end up smelling musty.

Temperature and Light Control

Weather controlled storage units keep your items well-protected from the fluctuating temperatures of the North Carolina mountains then can harm art, decor, and other sensitive storage items. Additionally, our indoor storage facilities hinder the inflow of sunlight, preventing fading of fabrics, paper, and clothing.

large storage unit for rent in Mills River

The Storage Depot: Self Storage in Mills River & Banner Elk

The Storage Depot has two convenient locations in Western North Carolina for customers to utilize. We are the leading provider of self storage in Banner Elk, NC and have recently opened a brand new self storage facility near Asheville, in Mills River. Both of our facilities are climate controlled to provide our customers…and their stuff…the best storage unit experience in the state. Reserve your storage unit online today and see why people love The Storage Depot!