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The convenience of a self storage unit is that you can store nearly anything in them from seasonal items to clothing, to furniture. We’ve even put together a handy list on how to prepare and pack your items for storage.

However, it is important to note not that not just anything can be stored in a self storage unit. Both Banner Elk storage units and Mills River storage units have certain state and local restrictions which they must abide by when providing a unit. We’ll cover what isn’t allowed in a storage unit, and why, in the remainder of this article.

Anything Living

This may seem obvious, but thousands of people have tried to store living things in a storage unit in the best. Living organisms that are illegal to store include:

  • People

It is illegal to live in a storage unit, so people are not allowed to stay in these rooms overnight. Furthermore, depending on the local rules and regulations, it may also be illegal to facilitate work from a storage unit as well.

  • Animals

Similarly, it is illegal to store animals in a storage unit. The wellbeing of the animal is put at too great a risk to be kept in a storage unit.

  • Plants

Plants are not allowed in storage units because of the potential to attract bugs and bests. Those bugs can harm and increase deterioration of other storage items. Additionally, a plant left un-attended will die. When a plant dies, it can potentially create a toxic air environment, which can damage other storage items.

Flammable and/or Combustible Items

Once again, this may seem obvious, but it is illegal to store any item that poses an immediate fire hazard. This includes flammable materials and items that inhibit combustion. The list of prohibited flammable and combustible materials for storage includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Gasoline

Gasoline is combustible and not allowed in a storage unit, let alone allowed to be stored in a storage unit.

  • Oil

Oil is a potentially flammable material, and thus poses a threat. You are not permitted to store oil, new or used, in a storage unit

  • Fireworks

Storage fireworks in a storage unit is a big time no-no. If fireworks were to go off in a storage facility, the entire facility is at risk of destruction.

flammable liquid not allowed in storage

Perishable Items

That an item is perishable indicates that at some point in time it is going to expire or rot. Perishable items are prohibited in storage units because that can, and often times will, attract pests. Prohibited perishable items include:

  • Food

Regardless of how food is stored, there is a danger that it will attract pests and vermin. Pests such as rats, mice, cockroaches, and termites are enemies to storage units as they cause damage and are hard to exterminate.

  • Items with an Expiration Date

Expiration dates matter. After an item exceeds its expiration date, it can cause either a problem to humans or will once again attract pests and vermin.

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