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Store with Care

Don’t make the mistake of underestimating the benefits of climate controlled storage, and have your valuables pay for it. Especially here in Banner Elk, NC, where the temperatures hit just about every mark and even vary from day to day, a constant environment is best. The Storage Depot at the Great Train Robbery offers accommodating storage units of all sizes, and we’ll help you secure the right one for yourself.

Chances are if you’re considering paying to store your possessions, you care about them, which means you wouldn’t want them to get ruined. When the storage space is without climate control, you run the risk of pests, rust, and humidity getting the best of them. Not to mention, who wants to have to spend any length of time in a below freezing unit in the dead of winter to locate a personal belonging? At the very least, having climate controlled storage is simply more suitable for you. Comfort isn’t everything, but why go without, when you can go with The Storage Depot at the Great Train Robbery?

From vehicles and antiques to computers and fine wine, you can store it all with us. We’ll help you decide what size unit you need, and you’ll be good to go. All units, in addition to having climate control, are equipped with electrical outlets. Both monthly and long-term leases are available, so you can rely on us. We feature a facility we’d trust ourselves, which is why our customers feel confident in the safety of their possessions.

Don’t wait another day. Secure your spot today, and put your things where they belong – in the climate controlled storage units of The Storage Depot in Banner Elk, North Carolina.