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Storing hanging clothes in mini storage is similar to storing items for long term storage but with a few added points to consider. Stored clothes should avoid fluctuating temperatures, moisture, sunlight, and pests when in a storage unit…basically clothes should only be stored in a climate controlled storage unit. That’s easier said than done sometimes, but with a few know-how tips, you can store like a professional. Keep reading to learn how to store hanging clothes in a unit.

Benefits of hanging clothes in a mini storage unit

Storing clothes on thick hangers in a mini storage unit is key to long-lasting fabrics. Here are a few reasons why should hang them on hangers:

  • It can breathe. The air circulation lets the fabric breathe so it lasts longer.
  • It stays off the ground. When clothing is off the ground, it’s protected against pests, moisture, and dust that collects on the ground.
  • It allows them to stay dry. When hanging, airflow keeps them dry and free from mold.

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Ideal storage conditions for hanging clothing

The ideal storage condition for clothing will preserve garments for a longtime to come. Here are some things to consider:

  • Steady temperature
  • Low relative humidity
  • Low sunlight
  • Filtered air
  • Moving air
  • Breathable garment bag and/or box storage
  • Wrap items individually in acid-free tissue and/or muslin (when not hanging)

Types of clothing that should NOT be hung in a unit

Vintage clothing, embellished gowns, knitted pieces, and delicate items should NOT be hung in a storage unit. Instead, these should be cleaned (by a professional), folded, wrapped individually in acid-free tissue, and stored flat in a breathable, archival box.

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Hanging clothes need air circulation

hanging clothes

Airflow is key to storing clothes in a mini storage unit. Consider this when storing in a unit:

  • Spread clothing apart. If clothing is pressed against itself, it may not get the circulation it needs.
  • Don’t store in plastic bags. Plastic won’t allow for the proper airflow or drying of clothing.

Allow air to circulate and your items to breathe by not overstuffing your containers. Hang: Hang furs and dresses inside a cotton (never plastic) garment bag. Space all hanging clothing to allow for air flow. This will reduce the risk of mildew and mold as well as prevent wrinkling and creasing.


Protect hanging clothes with breathable cotton bags

Cotton bags — opposed to plastic — will allow better breathing for your clothes as they store in mini storage. Plastic bags stop clothing from having the proper airflow. Something like will protect your sensitive clothing:

Whitmor Zippered Garment Bag Natural Linen

Whitmor Zippered Garment Bag Natural Linen on Amazon

Avoid wire hangers

Wire hangers can distort the clothing and cause “rabbit ears” at the shoulders. Thicker hangers are best to use when hanging.

Use plastic bins for less-valuable clothing

Plastic bins are great for storing less-valuable clothes in mini storage. They’re easy to handle, stack, and store. They also keep bugs and dust out.

Other clothing points to consider:

1. Remove plastic

Plastic from the dry cleaner is a great short-term protector but should be removed immediately to allow the garment to breathe. Otherwise, it could lead to fume fading.

2. Allow leather to dry completely

Leather takes a few days to dry completely, so allow it to be fully removed from water before storing in a unit.

3. Denim shouldn’t touch other items

Unprotected items will lead to dye transfer.

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